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Poojya Dr. Sharnbasawappa Appa Proclaims to "Provide value based Hi-Tech education. Today Japan, USA, Germany, France, South Korea and other European Countries achieved enormous progress using High Technology. They have become economically and industrially advanced because of the use of high technology. Hi-Tech include in super computer setlights Aeroplane, Weather forecasting, Navigation etc. It is great pleasure to say that Karnataka is called "Silicon State" because of advance development in software technology in the state. We are pioneer in starting computer education in this part of the state of Karnataka".

In this direction Poojya Appaji has taken keen interest in starting Computer education in the school / colleges run by our Sangha. Our Institute is pioneer in introducing Computer education right from primary level of education to Post Graduate level. Computer education is being imparted for school children in Sharanabasaveshwar Public School. In our Sharanbasaveshwar college of Science Computer course is offered at P.U.C level and degree level. Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application was started long ago and this course is proved very benefit to the students of this region. Likewise Computer courses are started in Business Management Commerce colleges and in the vocational institute.

Master of Computer Applications - M.C.A
Three year full time, six semesters programme, recognized by both, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), ministry of Human resources, New Delhi and Govt. of Karnataka. This course is affiliated to Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.

Name                            :        M.C.A (Full Time)
Number of Seats            :        30
Duration                        :        3 Years
Fees                             :        Rs. 53,590/-
Placement facilities       :        Yes

The course of study shall extent over a period of three years consisting of six semesters. The terms and vacation shall be notified by the University from time to time.

A candidate who has passed any bachelor's degree examinations, Arts, Commerce, Science, Business Management Sciences, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Medicine etc. with Mathematics / Business Mathematics at 10+2 level recognized as equivalent there shall be eligible for admission to MCA course. The minimum percentage of marks for General Category (GC) 50% for OBC 45% (only Karnataka State OBC's) and 40% for SC/ ST Category students.

(With effect from the academic year 2009-2010 and onwards)

I Semester:  (With effect from the academic year 2009-2010 and onwards)
M.C.A. 1.1(a): Accounting and Financial Management
M.C.A. 1.1(b): Additional Mathematics
M.C.A. 1.2: Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
M.C.A. 1.3: Discrete Mathematical Structures
M.C.A. 1.4: Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
M.C.A. 1.5: C and C++ Programming
M.C.A. 1.6: Programming Laboratory - I  C and Statistical Computation Lab.
M.C.A. 1.7: Programming Laboratory - II C++  and Digital Electronics Lab.

II Semester: (With effect from the academic year 2009-2010 and onwards)
M.C.A. 2.1: Computer Oriented Numerical Methods
M.C.A. 2.2: Operating System Principles
M.C.A. 2.3: System Software and Compiler Design
M.C.A. 2.4: Database Management System
M.C.A. 2.5: Data Structures Using C++
M.C.A. 2.6: Programming Laboratory - III OS and Numerical computation lab.
M.C.A. 2.7: Programming Laboratory - IV Data Structures and DBMS Lab.

III Semester: (With effect from the academic year 2010-2011 and onwards)
M.C.A. 3.1: Software Engineering
M.C.A. 3.2: Data Communications and Computer Networks
M.C.A. 3.3: Computer Graphics
M.C.A. 3.4: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
M.C.A. 3.5: Visual Programming
M.C.A. 3.6: Programming Laboratory - V Computer Networks and Graphics lab.
M.C.A. 3.7: Programming Laboratory - VI Visual Programming Lab.

IV Semester: (With effect from the academic year 2010-2011 and onwards)
M.C.A. 4.1: Programming in Java
M.C.A. 4.2: Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML
M.C.A. 4.3: Optimization Techniques
M.C.A. 4.4: Organizational Behavior
M.C.A. 4.5: Elective-I
M.C.A. 4.6: Programming Laboratory - VII OT and Java Lab.
M.C.A. 4.7: Programming Laboratory - VIII Software Engineering (Project).

V Semester: (With effect from the academic year 2011-2012 and onwards)
M.C.A. 5.1: Artificial Intelligence
M.C.A. 5.2: Internetworking and Web Design
M.C.A. 5.3: Modeling and Simulation
M.C.A. 5.4: Data Warehousing and Mining
M.C.A. 5.5: Elective - II
M.C.A. 5.6: Programming Laboratory - IX Client Server (Project)
M.C.A. 5.7: Programming Laboratory - X Simulation and AI lab.

VI Semester: (With effect from the academic year 2011-2012 and onwards)
M.C.A. 6.1: Project work, Seminar and Viva-Voce

The institute provides a serene academic environment which promotes learning. At Doddappa Appa Institute proper ambience for intensive learning with air-conditioned class rooms are provided. The class rooms are equipped with audio-visual equipments. Educational audio-video cassettes and CD's are acquired. Students can spare their leisure time for watching educational programme and understanding concepts.

Our institute organizes various multi-various co-curricular activities ranging from sports, quizzes, debates, fashion shows and other functions. Such programme brings out extensive range of talents in the students. These activities are support function to the main curricular as they provide welcome relief from the hectic class room activities. Student activity centre is established to look after these activities. Our student have participated in many functions in and outside Gulbarga and returned with honours.